Aaron Cass started the kids program in 2013 with his children, Adrian and Hana, and a few of their friends. Since then the program has flourished, and Aaron has enjoyed watching the kids continue to train, grow and have fun. Outside the dojo, Aaron is a high school English teacher.

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Paul Tilton joined Portsmouth Aikido in 2016. He enjoys the outdoors, LARPing, boardgames and world adventure. He joined the dojo trip to Japan in the summer of 2017 and loves to share his passion for learning and adventure. He regularly teaches our Thursday classes, and the kids enjoy his friendly attitude and challenging classes.


Doug Kumph has been a longstanding member of Portsmouth Aikido, and he began teaching kids classes in 2014 when his son, Colby, joined the program. His kind, thoughtful teaching style makes kids feel welcome and ensures that each student will get the instruction that just right for them.

                             All instructors certified by the NCSI

                             All instructors certified by the NCSI