“Portsmouth Aikido is a fantastic place to train, and the instructors are passionate about helping people learn. As a newcomer to the dojo and beginner to the art, I found the members welcoming, supportive and patient. If you’re considering starting a martial art or continuing your training, I highly recommend checking out Portsmouth Aikido and watching or trying a class.”

Doug, joined in 2012

“I’ve been enrolled in the beginner’s classes for a few weeks now and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. I’ve wanted to learn a martial art for some time and have searched all around the area for exactly what Portsmouth Aikido provides: an exciting, engaging and healthy experience studying a unique art. The members are friendly, supportive and enthusiastic, and the teachers are excellent. I highly recommend coming by the dojo sometime and observing a class--that’s what I did and what ultimately convinced me to join.”

Ingo, joined in 2013

“The benefits of training in Aikido go far beyond being able to defend yourself. It is an ideal martial art if you're looking for individual improvement and a sense of internal and external balance. The really nice aspect of this dojo is the collaborative spirit, with a great deal of support given in learning the techniques from teachers and fellow students. Our facility is top notch and I highly recommend this school.”

Bob, joined in 2010

I love Portsmouth Aikido, really more than words can express. As a paraplegic, I really appreciate our Sensei, Aaron Cass. He radiates positive energy and always takes time to help adapt techniques for me in a chair. I love my partners, the other members at the dojo, who are kind and welcoming. My favorite part is the feeling I get practicing weapons and working with partnersit's like my mind, body, and soul are one in harmony and I feel light and powerful.

Brenda, joined in 2015

“As a total novice to any martial art, it was with some trepidation I began the beginner's course at Portsmouth Aikido. I was fifty years old and in reasonably good shape but was concerned that I would have difficulty "keeping up" with the rest of students. Well, as it turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong! Not only was I able to keep up, but the instructors as well as the students were very friendly, non-judgmental, and always willing to take as much time as I needed to learn the techniques being demonstrated.”

Mark, joined in 2012

"Over my many years of Aikido practice, I’ve never felt such a warmth and welcoming as I have at Portsmouth Aikido.  I have had the privilege of training with both Judy and Aaron Senseis, who are remarkable teachers.  They blend good humor, insight about human relationships, and deep expertise as aikidoists to make for a learning environment that promotes not only the physical art of Aikido, but also its personal, social, and spiritual dimensions."

Mardi, joined in 2003

 “This is a good-sized dojo with dedicated, friendly, welcoming people and a long history. The dojo is ego-free, and all about supporting and contributing to the art of Aikido. The cost to train there is quite reasonable, and you get a lot in return with plenty of mat-time and varied instruction from a number of different and talented practitioners.”

Tim, joined in 2008