"Since joining Aikido our son’s self-confidence has blossomed in an impressive way. We see the results of this new confidence in his school and family participation, and in his general happiness level. Aikido offers a physical outlet AND a positive experience with community and collaboration without the stress of team sports and competition. Its a great option for a child with anxiety or aversion to team sports."

- Enna, Parent from our Kuma Kids program

"I have seen our son's confidence grow since starting Aikido. The Tanuki Kids program has helped him with his listening and ability to focus on one task. Going through the testing process for his yellow belt taught him how to work hard for something he really wants. We practiced together every morning before school and every night before bed to help prepare him for his first test. When he got his yellow belt he learned how good it feels to achieve something he worked hard for."

-Ericka, Parent from our Tanuki Kids Program

 “The kids classes at the dojo are simply fantastic. Sensei Aaron has a great rapport with all of the kids, and because much of the practice is done with students in pairs the kids are always engaged cooperatively and actively. The dojo is a non-profit so there is absolutely no pressure to purchase extra equipment, fees for belt ceremonies, and other up-sell phenomena that we, as a family with three kids, have experienced at some of the for-profit dojos in other traditions. This dojo is simply fantastic!”

- Charles, Parent from our Kuma Kids Program