The goal of our kids program is to provide a safe, positive environment for young people to practice the art of Aikido.  Through their practice, kids will:

  • Develop strength, balance and coordination

  • Gain self-awareness and increase their confidence and focus

  • Have fun learning a non-competitive martial art

Aikido is a unique Japanese martial art that teaches children self defense in a non-violent, non-aggressive manner. In Aikido there are no competitive tournaments or sparring. Students practice cooperatively whereby they learn to naturally respond to conflict with calm, confidence and integrity.

Kids ages five and up are welcome. Our kids program is membership-based and you can enroll your son or daughter at any time. When your son/daughter joins you will pay a one-time fee of $85, which includes a uniform. Dues are $75/month by cash or check and $70 if you sign up for automatic payments. Additional siblings receive $10 off their monthly dues. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join their kids on the mat.

Kids and parents are always welcome to watch a class. If your son or daughter would like to give it a try before signing up, please fill out a release form and get in touch so we can know when to expect you.

Tanuki Kids (Ages 5-7)

  • Thursdays 5-6pm and Sundays 1-2pm

  • Classes focus on developing coordination, basic ukemi (back rolls and falls), tai sabaki (body movements) and paired techniques

  • At the end of class, we typically play a game or do fun activity that helps students integrate the skills they have been learning in class

Kuma Kids (Ages 8+)

  • Thursdays 6-7pm and Sundays 2-3pm

  • Classes focus on building core strength and coordination, ukemi (rolls and falls), paired techniques, the application of tai sabaki (body movements) and basic weapons practice (wooden sword, staff and knife)

  • Each month instructors focus on a specific skill or area of practice to provide continued growth and challenge for students (paired weapons, advanced ukemi, multiple attackers, weapons take-aways, test techniques, etc.)

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All instructors certified by the NCSI

All instructors certified by the NCSI

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