Kevin Beane first encountered Tai Chi in 1981 during a month-long trek in the Himalayas. Though already a serious practitioner of Karate (1st degree black belt), Kevin had never seen or heard of Tai Chi.  Mesmerized by what he saw, Kevin was attracted to a depth, grace and beauty of the practice. Upon returning to the US, Kevin began studying Tai Chi locally and continued in Boston for 5 years with Dr.Yang Jwing Ming. His greatest inspiration has been his late teacher and friend, Zhang Lu Ping, with whom he studied privately from 1990-1998 and who he credits with the gift of “learning how to learn.”

A licensed massage therapist since 1992, Kevin brings a holistic understanding of health and healing to his teaching. He sees Tai Chi as a transformational practice for integration of mind, body, and spirit. Kevin offers a 10-week introductory class in the Yang-style short form. For more information conact him at 603-534-5185 or